Rakoma Human Capital Solutions is in the business of resourcing personnel for the purpose of achieving the best possible match between the business requirements and objectives of the Client, and the qualifications and talents of such personnel, all consistent with the highest ethical standards.

Rakoma Human Capital Solutions undertakes to provide personnel recruitment and placement services and related professional services to the Client in accordance with these terms of business.

All information that is provided by Rakoma Human Capital Solutions to the Client pertaining to any candidate is provided in the strictest of confidence and may not be divulged to any other party, without the written consent of Rakoma Human Capital Solutions and / or the Candidate. The Client shall have direct access with the candidate only with the consent of Rakoma Human Capital Solutions. but the Client may contact any referee whatsoever. Rakoma Human Capital Solutions will conduct all relevant checks and submit these to the client.

Candidate(s) specifications and job requirements will be furnished by the Client or developed jointly with Rakoma Human Capital Solutions. and the Client through discussions with representatives of the Client. Prior to the search campaign commencing the client will ratify said specifications.

Rakoma Human Capital Solutions will initiate communication with potential Candidate(s) determining their initial compatibility and interest in potential employment with the Client and will simultaneously pre-screen their qualifications. After identifying one or more candidate(s) on the basis of, inter alia interest, satisfactory pre-qualification and compatibility, those candidates who in Rakoma Human Capital Solutions’ opinion best match the Client’s specifications will be introduced to the Client via e-mail, facsimile or the delivery of such resume (s).

Rakoma Human Capital Solutions will remain available to the Client to clarify any issues concerning the Candidate(s) and to set up the interviews and various post interview process.

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