Current economic trends are now forcing businesses to consider process outsourcing of administrative functions to improve basic services and maintain compliance with the ever changing regulations. Outsourcing daily HR functions, recruitment processes, employee benefit administration and payroll allows key employees to focus on strategic initiatives that benefit the organization, increase productivity and thereby profitability. We can also assist your existing HR staff to become more efficient, enabling them the time to focus on your operational business needs and strategies.

HR Consulting for Small Businesses

HR Outsourcing helps small companies that are in need of a Human Resources Professional on a part time basis relieving the overwhelmed owner or office manager of the daily tasks surrounding recruitment, HR, benefits or payroll. Rakoma Human Capital can customize HR services to small companies based on the needs of each company’s business.

How we do it

We work with management or HR professionals in a variety of different ways. We will work with you to develop an outsourcing model that makes sense for your business and your role in your company. With Rakoma Human Capital, your value to the organization is enhanced which allows you to be able to focus on what you do best!

Our Services

Rakoma Human Capital services are perfect for any small or midsized business that is frazzled with the overwhelming day to day tasks surrounding recruitment processes, human resources, benefits administration and payroll.  All services are customized to meet the needs of each client or business and can be easily changed as your business grows.  Outsourcing these daily tasks surrounding Human Capital, recruitment and payroll will enable you to focus on your business strategy and growth!

Established in 2017, Rakoma Human Capital’s vision is to provide a specialized, dynamic and tailored approach to recruitment and other human capital solutions. Our management has extensive experience in Human Capital Management and Talent Acquisition as well as assessing various skills in different sectors for both local and international markets.

We go to great lengths to ensure that each satisfies the needs and expectations of the other and
we take time to thoroughly understand the specific needs of each of our clients, using exclusive techniques to pinpoint the most suitable solutions.