The mission of Rakoma Human Capital is to be a professional, enthusiastic and innovative team, dedicated to providing professional Human Capital Services and evolving Recruitment Solutions that help our customers become more productive and profitable.

To make employee administration easy for businesses and start-up companies, allowing entrepreneurs and owners to focus on operations and growth.

Our team is able to help with day-to-day human resources issues as well as more difficult situations, from recruiting assistance to employee separations and everything in between.

Our vision for starting Rakoma Human Capital is based on our passionate belief that every business big and small need access to professionals in Human Capital. Large businesses typically have full time HR on staff to focus on employee administration and consistent policy development. Small businesses and startup companies generally don’t have the time or money to have full time HR professionals on staff. We have developed the right processes, procedures and expertise to provide outsourcing & consulting services focused on small businesses and startup companies.